A life near a good machine, pile of books and piano makes me comfortable. Fixing broken or inefficiently done stuff for some reason too, though that applies mostly to a software or math related area.

Present system of education makes me sad. Seems like a magic circle of learning things manually e.g. via pure memorizing, counterintuitivly and too quickly only to repeat the same process under greater pressure. There must be a better way! ٩◔‿◔۶


Languages Coding Software
  • Slovak (primary)
  • Czech
  • English
  • German
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Batch (cmd)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL

Targeting mainly PC & Mobile apps and webpage customization.

  • Git
  • Blender (models mainly)
  • Office (Microsoft, Libre, Google)
  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Unity3D (C#)
  • Navicat (MySQL)
  • phpBB forums
  • Emacs (still beginner)

Certificates / Licenses

  • Pianist (art school)
  • Statistical Analysis in SAS Enterprise Guide (*)

*Summary statistics, (Non-)parametric tests, Anova, Linear & Logistic regression, Factor & Cluster analysis

Other stuff

  • Bookworm
  • Photographer
  • Gamer

Trying to make software cross-platform where possible... or at least runnable on Win/Lin/Mac.


Lazy person with an average grades. Went to casual elementary school, grammar school (high school), currently studying economics at university to achieve a bachelor’s degree. Mostly trying to make school stuff easier with my programming & computer skills (or to do something fancy), unfortunatelly that’s not always possible.

Programming is only something that I do because I learned it intuitively while I’ve been using various devices and platforms in previous years.

Work experience

My work experience consists only of part-time jobs. The type of work I got paid for in a real currency was non-related to my skills - a work in storage, with book-assembling machines, stocktaking or furniture delivery.